About Us

Welcome to Hanypet - China's good online pet store with the lowest prices and fastest delivery available. Hanypet offers an extensive range of various products and this is only a few clicks away. No more carrying heavy bags up the stairs, but a convenient delivery right to your doorstep everywhere all over the world. Hanypet provides top brands of food, treats, toys, and even dogs’ useful accessories that cater to your furkids’ unique preferences. Pamper your dog and let those tails wagging.

Our team is dedicated to fulfill every wish that you and your pet have. Our vision is to cater to all your needs and free our customers to choose from an unlimited line of pet food from across the world! Our Hanypet team adores both dogs and cats and wants to provide every pet as much time as possible with their beloved friend without running out of food or toys! We also understand that finding the most suitable product can be frustrating at times. But not to worry! Now you, my fellow pet pawrents, can be a pet expert in no time by browsing through our published articles at our Learning Center- our education corner. Otherwise, you can directly communicate with our pet expert at China or email (sales@hanypet.com) if you would like any recommendations of the products. We will be more than happy to help you! Woof!